Special Edition

Dark Chocolate

Los Angeles, California… After many years of our customers asking if we make “Chocolate Fragrance”. This Dark Chocolate fragrances is based on our delicious Dark Chocolate Orange Truffle. Tobi created this fragrance out of her love for Dark Chocolate and Orange Blossom. This fragrance opens with a rich dark chocolate experience that evokes happiness and comforts the soul. Orange Blossom, Pink Jasmine and Elemi carry you on the end journey towards crisp Cedar Wood and White Pepper.




Our sweet fruit fragrances consist of unique blends of different distinctive and unique fruits. The fruit fragrances collection consists of No. 13, No. 14, and No. 15. The top notes for No. 13 are Yuzu, Fig Leaf and Honey Melon. The top notes for No. 14 are Pomegranate, Rubarb, Rosewood and the top notes for No. 15 is Fresh Fig, Cassis and Musk.